living in jardim paulistano

From Alto de Pinheiros to Jardins, the Vhouse offers different blueprints to ensure that your house is adapted to your rhythm and style. Enjoy the unique experience of living with the efficiency, the design and the jfl living cool luxury, in one of the city’s most disputed areas.

VHouse 2 - V House EN
  • Bilingual concierge
  • Valet parking
  • Meeting rooms and shared offices with supporting services
  • Gourmet Lounge
  • 24/7 Convenience Store (Ame Go)
  • Contemplative Garden
  • Laundromat
  • Gym
  • Two swimming poools (82ft
    pool lane) and Spa
  • Bike sharing
  • Pet friendly
  • Wi-fi
1 - V House EN

In the Vhouse coworking, scheduling is fast and easy. You can share the space or schedule meetings in rooms equipped for presentations or conferences.

2 - V House EN

Comfort and attention to detail that make a difference for each resident, with a unique take and perspective. Your house tidied daily with efficiency and trust.

3 1 - V House EN

Pet friendly. In the Vhouse, your pet is always welcome: our team will schedule everything, from walks to visits to specialized shops and services in the area.

the apartments

With apartments ranging from 36 a 142m², the VHouse by jfl living has exclusive enterprises, all equipped with Ornare woodworking, Gorenge fridges, special bathing towels bedding and by Trousseau and a complete set of home appliances. Allied to that we have a trained team at your disposal to ensure you have the serenity, comfort and practicality you deserve.

Choose the blueprint that best fits your lifestyle:

the jfl living experience

attention to detail

cool luxury



the surroundings

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Arredores2 on2wb0nb95r8eqr4cwh5iio66wfgjj1jogf9zz8wyc - V House EN
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  • bars & restaurants
  • museums
  • shopping malls
  • hospitals
  • cinemas & theaters