Attention to detail, efficiency and care combined into services tailored to your needs: that makes jfl living a unique experience.

Live fully every minute of your day. Let we take care of the house for you.

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attention to detail

The care imprinted in every detail allows for a humanized and tailored experience with every resident, welcoming their aspirations in a unique way.

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cool luxury

The beauty of contemporary design, functionality, comfort and technology are a jfl living demand in order to make your day more efficient.

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The jfl living staff is trained to deliver a thorough and caring service. Our services platform is ready to help you with your every need.

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In a jfl living, all installations and high-end equipment make so that you gain time, in an agile and practical way.

inside jfl living

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Spa, club and gym

Heated pools, special massage rooms and gym armed with the most modern equipment. In a jfl living you can unplug, relax and take care of both body and mind with much more style and efficiency.


Works of art in hallways and lobbies, signed furniture. All the beauty imprinted by consecrated artists into objects that contemplate the jfl living lifestyle, with its cool luxury, efficiency and practicality.

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Designed for people who live life in their own terms, the jfl living projects attend customers who won’t let go of great design but can’t see themselves without functionality and practicality in their daily routine. Our long stay’s particular take is being able to pay attention to every detail and thus make them unique.

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Attention to detail, cool luxury and efficiency in a long stay. Choose the enterprise that best fits your lifestyle and try a new concept of living: welcome to your new house, make yourself at home.

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