Jfl living, JFL Realty’s long stay brand that is pioneering the high standards residential market presents to you a new way of life.

Attention to detail, trustworthiness and efficiency are more than just inspirations, their attributes embedded in all jfl living products, combined to deliver excellence and consistency to all our businesses and enterprises.

The jfl living portfolio totals over 600 units in residential properties for tenancy, and partners Jorge Felipe Lemann and Carolina Burg solidify the company’s pioneering in the real estate market of high standard properties renting by reinforcing the importance they take in care, efficiency and cool luxury with competitive prices.

the jfl living experience

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attention to details

The thoughtfulness behind every detail allows a humanized and personalized relationship with each resident, uniquely welcoming their aspirations.

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cool luxury

The beauty of contemporary design, functionality, comfort and technology are a jfl living demand in order to make your day more efficient.

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The jfl living staff is trained to deliver an exceptional and tailored service. Our team is ready to assist you with your every need.

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In jfl living, all installations and high-end equipment were thoughtout to make you’re day-to-day practical and effortless.

get to know the jfl living portfolio

Attention to detail, cool luxury and efficiency at your long-stay residence, choose the enterprise that best fits your profile. Explore a new concept of living: feel at home in your own house.

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